Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Dpression Era Dream In Sign Language

Last night I had a dream that I was in the drpession era of our time. I was at a Bible study in someone's trailor in the Mid West. The kind lady was housing several down and outers in return for chores. I was one of them. I helped with the kitchen duties and led the Bible studies. I remember during one of the Bible times I had a word of exhortation for one of the members. It came out loud and strong. I had not given that type of encouragement before. I do not remember what I said. I believe it was to stop what you are doing and lead a more Godly life lest they go back to the old ways.
The next thing I remember was that I was singing and using Sign Language at the same time as a Sign dance. The good lady had a Christian station on to a program that was set in Texas with Dolly Parton singing in a stadium some Gospel favorites. Then a little girl came on with a special performance in Sign Language. I watched enthrawled. Her song was " I choose to give my heart to you" I started to Sign it right in the trailor where I was. All of the sudden she was in the living room showing me where I was making mistakes! I had signed "I give my heart to Thee" instead she wanted me to sign "I choose to give my heart to You with a captital Y. I asked if she was an angel and she said "yes" and dissapeared.