Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sheena Cat's Wisdom

I was going to sleep thinking about what a blessing you are as a friend and stepmom. I am putting all my hope into meeting again soon in the new year. The lovely birthday card came yesterday. I am going to deposite the cheque today. I was thinking about where the money would go when I saw Sheena! She said she felt me thinking about you so she had to come see what it was. I told her you gave me some money to buy something nice. She said get a new red leather collar! I said I couldn't because my neck had scars and it would hurt but I would certainly think about getting something pretty. Then I asked Sheena what she does if she were to see a cat with a torn ear and a scar running from her eye down her nose. Sheena said I would lick her gently and see if she was still standing." Still standing is the key! She added that she would check the tail too. Because if the tail was gone or torn it meant that the cat did not have strength energy or bravery to face the fear head one. We always face a challenge head on. If the thing we fear sneaks up on us then we are done except if it is a kitten. If a kitten looses its tail that is not all together bad. I asked when a kitten becomes a cat? Sheena said When it no longer sees everything as food. When it can see fear and face it. I thanked Sheena for her wisdom. I promised I would get something pretty and try to stand on my feet and face my fears with my scars forward!