Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Pray For Warm Fuzzies

For the past 2 years I have been searching the online classifieds for a fuzzy, a small dog, to pet, walk, feed, and talk to. This has been met with heartache. I know that my lifestyle could not handle the upkeep of a dog right now. But I keep looking because they are so cute.
Last Wednesday I could almost feel the soft fur of a dog in my hands in my imagination. My husband and I went for a bite to eat. "Where do you want to park?" he asked. I said "right in front of the PetSmart so I can watch the fuzzies go in and out!" He said "oh well I get nervous when you start looking at fuzzies" And we parked somewhere else. After lunch we went shopping at Joann's fabric store where he found the perfect iron and had a 50% off coupon to go with it. When he brought it to the counter we found out the coupon did not include irons. He left with a heavy heart having something he really wanted taken away from him. As we were walking out of the store I spotted a man and his dog sitting at the door. She was beautiful chocolate brown Cocker Spaniel named Daisy. I had a Cocker when I was in high school so this was really special for me. Although she was extremely nervous, she did let me pet her. I caressed her ears and soothed my finger down her back. She relaxed under my touch and even hopped on my leg for more. I had to go catch up to my husband who had loped back to the truck and was loading items in it. I thanked the nice man for letting me pet her and then I thanked God for that special small gift of touching a warm fuzzy. Daisy looked just like the one in this photo taken randomly from the internet. I thought she could have been named Snickers since I had a Snickers bar in my pocked and she looked just like it and was so sweet.

The gift did not stop there. This Sunday my husband found a pair of nightstands for 15$ That was a steal. We took a leisurely drive through the hills to get there. God showed me that I must come too because there was going to be a white fuzzy there! We arrived at the address and knocked on the door. Sure enough a young college couple and their white dog met us at the door. She was a beauty! She was an English Spaniel; white with brown flecks and green eyes She was amazingly calm. She never barked and never jumped. I leaned down to stroke her behind the ears. Her owner said she named her Susse which is German for sugar. She was definitely a sweetheart. I cooed and petted the lovely lady Spaniel while my husband loaded our chosen pieces of furniture into the truck. Then I sighed. Another warm fuzzy. Thank you much. Sussse looked just like this one taken randomly from the internet.

The final gift will come on Saturday. My step mom invited my husband and I out to celebrate my birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant; the Famous Enterprise Fish Co. I have been going there for my birthday since I was 10years old and found that I love Alaskan King crab more than any food in this world. Well I missed a few birthdays to that particular restaurant while I was living in Hawaii. But my friends always treated me generously by taking me out to dinners over there.
Back to my story. On visiting my step mom; I will also see her lovable dog Benson who is a purebred black Cocker Spaniel!
God is really giving me the warm fuzzies!
December 12, 2010
And here is Benson looking his finest!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Dpression Era Dream In Sign Language

Last night I had a dream that I was in the drpession era of our time. I was at a Bible study in someone's trailor in the Mid West. The kind lady was housing several down and outers in return for chores. I was one of them. I helped with the kitchen duties and led the Bible studies. I remember during one of the Bible times I had a word of exhortation for one of the members. It came out loud and strong. I had not given that type of encouragement before. I do not remember what I said. I believe it was to stop what you are doing and lead a more Godly life lest they go back to the old ways.
The next thing I remember was that I was singing and using Sign Language at the same time as a Sign dance. The good lady had a Christian station on to a program that was set in Texas with Dolly Parton singing in a stadium some Gospel favorites. Then a little girl came on with a special performance in Sign Language. I watched enthrawled. Her song was " I choose to give my heart to you" I started to Sign it right in the trailor where I was. All of the sudden she was in the living room showing me where I was making mistakes! I had signed "I give my heart to Thee" instead she wanted me to sign "I choose to give my heart to You with a captital Y. I asked if she was an angel and she said "yes" and dissapeared.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Facing My Fears


This seemingly innocuous piece of plastic has been the source of many unwarranted fears until I made the discovery to the depth of its meaning.
Every month I would punch out my pills and put them in a bottle for easier access. When I was done with the card all that was left were empty holes and tabs. For some reason it made me sick to my stomach to look at the empty card. I would push the card back in the package and keep it for the refill number.
Now I haven't been using this medicine for over a month. So when I went to look to see if there were any pills left I freaked out. It hit me with a visual of my skin when I was 5 years old. It would itch so terribly that I would scratch my legs till they bled. My parents would put socks on my hands or slap my hands to stop me from scratching, but it just kept itching. So this little empty card looked like my shredded legs in the afternoon when I was 5. Now that I made this discovery I think I can look at more things I have been avoiding in my life.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Vision of A Wolf

This morning while I was in a haze still trying to wake up; I saw a vision of a brown wolf. He looked directly at me. I asked him "What are you doing?" He bowed slightly and replied "Just got back from the hunt"
I said "wow You have hunted at the crack of dawn. And killed a little later. Then you fed your family all before I even woke up?"
"Yes" he said
"I can't do that." I said to him, sadly
"Do what you can do" he replied. Then he made an about face. I watched his tail swish gently as he casualy walked back into the woods.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Come To The Water

Mom's car sped out of the gravel driveway in a grey blur and tears ran down my cheeks. My step dad and mom were fighting about some trivial thing again. Mostly about sex and dishes. He didn't give her sex and she didn't do the dishes. Shees. There she goes to stuff the pain with candy bars and none for us girls. My sister probably went to go climb a tree and I plodded down the worn path to the bridge overlooking the pond with the view of my Mt Rainier. Even the clouds echoed my sadness with drops of heavy rain making rings in the water. I love rain. It is comforting in it's steady release of life. I stand on the bridge with my heart in my throat and tears in my eyes. There is a song that comes to my mind.
And Jesus said "Come to the water. Stand by my side. I know you are thirsty. You won't be denied. I felt every tear drop when in darkness you cried. And I strove to remind you that for those tears I died."
I bowed my head and thanked Dear Jesus for being with me and comforting me with the rain and His love.
They say tears are like rain to wash the windows of our soul so we can see more clearly later.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Can Sing!

I've always loved to sing. I grew up with both parents who sing really well. Going to a private school we had choir and chapel with lots of singing. I remember sitting in the 4th grade class about 20 rows back with the teacher leading us in worship using a huge poster board book so everyone could see the words. Everyone sang because they had to. I sang because I wanted to. But it was difficult for me. My dry skin tugged at my cheeks and my chapped lips cracked when I made the O sound. In choir we were supposed to open our mouth to fit 3 fingers inside to form the perfect O. I couldn't even eat a whole banana let alone put 3 fingers in my mouth. But I sang! I sang when I walked. I sang when I was in the car. My most favorite place to sing was while swinging on the swing set, high above everyone touching the sky close to Jesus. One day while I was in chapel I said a prayer "Lord, When you make me well, I want to be able to open my mouth and sing as loud and free as I can just for You!" 
Dear reader. He is doing just that. Jesus is healing me. Now I can sing as loud and free as I want without any pain.
America The Beautiful, How Great Thou Art, and The Lord's Prayer I can sing forever.
I want to indulge the reader and post one of the songs I learned in 4th grade from that big post board book. It is my parakeet, Bernard's, favorite. He always calms down right away when he hears it.
God Answers Prayer
Have you ever talked to God above
Tell Him that you need a friend to love
Pray in Jesus name believing that God answers prayer...

Have you told Him all your cares and woes
Every tiny little fear He knows
You can know He'll always hear
And He will answer prayer.

On a lofty mountain peak He's there
In a meadow by a stream He's there
Anywhere on earth you go He's there
He's been there from the start..

Find the answer in His Word it's true
You can know He'll always walk with you
By His faithfulness He'll change you too
God answers prayer

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Heavenly Chaperon

I was young and restless and Christian and living in Hawaii. My grandmother had just been admitted to the hospital to recover from a stroke. And so I was alone in a new city, a new apartment, and no friends. The radio was my sole companion. Song after song reminded me to trust in Jesus. Soon I began requesting songs and building up a friendship with the late night DJ. I liked his voice and he liked mine; so we decided to call it a date.
My date arrived in a beat-up  car with a wart on his nose and a awkward way of getting in my "space" too quickly. Even with a short description of my rare skin condition, he looked shocked. After a another brief description of my condition along with a few jokes he began to see past the outward appearance, to smile with the real me.  I figured if he could overlook my skin condition, I could overlook his wart. And off we went to a free concert compliments of the radio station.
We both enjoyed the concert and the evening was young so my date asked if I would like a tour of the station. That sounded fun so I agreed. We got in the car and began driving up a winding hill. Now I know I was new to the area but this certainly did not seem like the way to a radio station. In fact we were headed up to Hawaii's lover's lane Tantolous Heights.  I breathed in deep and kept my eyes on the view which was spectacular with the city lights sparkling like diamonds scattered over black velvet. Then I looked back at my driver who had suddenly cut the engine. I swallowed as I was wondering what knife wielding pervert I had set myself up with. He leaned closer and his eyes grew dark. It didn't look good from my point of view. Then I looked at the back seat to avoid making any more eye contact with him. What I saw instead was a huge man with blond hair and blue eyes that sparked like lightening. crouched in the back with his hand on the roof. At over seven feet tall, his frame filled the back of the car. His eyes pierced the night with light. I breathed a sigh of relief and politely asked my date to take me home. He took me home but not until he had showed me love letters he was writing to a lady in the Philippines. Too much! I said goodbye and thanked God for providing me with a heavenly chaperon!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Celebration of Life for Bernie Bernard

   The day was highly overcast with a touch of drizzle, but even through the mist the La Valencia stood as a dignified pink princess among a row of inns along the Prospect boardwalk of La Jolla California. La Velencia had old world charm as well as modern amenities against a stunning backdrop of the Pacific ocean. 

Grand tiled staircases led to varying levels of views. The second floor landing led out to a lush garden patio surrounding by fuchsia Bougainvilleas in full bloom with intimate tables stately adorned in black and white creating a restful retreat for reflection.

Relatives and friends gathered in small clusters around a drink station and quietly traded stories under the umbrellas.

Gary, Jay, Judy shared memories of their beloved mother; of her strength and courage and determination. Others joined to retell meaningful events that had happened while in the circle of love of a woman who lived life to the fullest, climbed over obstacles with dignity, and just as graciously made her exit to join her beloved husband.

Sunset drew more curtains of clouds around the sitting area to signal that the stage was closed and Bernie applauded our many tributes of love.