Friday, March 22, 2013

Looking for me?

Tonight as I lay in the tub I was remembering the one time my baby parakeet Rocky came looking for me when I was bathing. I was in the tub and here comes his little yellow face around the door. It was so cute. So here I am wishing that Toby would want to do the same that he would come visit me while I was bathing. I had accidently left the door open a crack and it was giving me a chill. So I sat up to close it. Then I saw it. Toby had sneaked in to look in my trash and I saw his little flag of a tail waving as he made a silent exit. I was so happy that he had come in that I didn't even mind that his motive was to scrounge in the trash. He came in one more time. I sat up and made eye contact with him in a silent thanks.

And then there were two..

I was grumping to myself just a little bit about how my dog Toby prefers my husband to me...not like my cat Mrs Gato. We hung out together. Then it hit me. Mrs Gato was with only me at the last years of her life. For the first years she was with my boyfriend Scott. When I would come to visit Mrs Gato would get jealous and climb up in his lap, turn on her belly and make goo goo eyes at him. She would lick his wrists and chin and demand to have his full attention even when I was trying to give Scott a hug. Then 10 years later I adopted her. It was just me and Mrs Gato. We read together and played together. So now with Toby it isn't just me. It is me plus one! And then there were two. Toby is dividing his attention between the two of us. I understand now.

Stength of an Eagle

I was lying in bed remembering the verse 'They shall mount up with wings as eagles, They shall run and not be weary They shall walk and not faint' Isaiah 40:31
Then I wondered what it would be like to BE an eagle. Immediately I felt a gust of wind carry me up to a craggy mountainside where I clung on with my talons. They were so strong like iron and flesh twisted together. Surprisingly the wings felt light and wispy. Everyone talks about the wings but it is the feet that have the real strength! I want to meditate on this experience again. I slipped out of his body and thanked him for the minute chance to feel something new. I felt so weak and small as a human again...

Saturday, March 9, 2013

So I've had this spirit cat visiting me on my pillow at night for the past 2 weeks. His name was Cooper. I say was because he hasn't visited this week at all. Cooper would wrap his body around my head and purr until I went to sleep. I was having trouble getting Toby and me to settle last month and then Cooper started coming. I fell asleep fast. I asked if I was supposed to get a cat instead of a dog. He said no. He was just coming for a snuggle. I sent out thoughts when he stopped visiting. The thoughts that came back were. "Enjoy what you have right now". I do enjoy my little family of Joe, Toby, my birds Captain and Cloud and my fish Blizzard. Toby and Joe went out for a late night potty break. I got up and stood at the back door waiting for them. Tears came to my eyes as I was watching my family walk around out on OUR patio under OUR tree TOGETHER. It was very heartwarming. I remembered all the days I was so alone in Hawaii wishing for a house with a tree and beautiful dining room. I have all that now. I am truely blessed

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wildlife Devistation in Russia (December 18, 2012

December 18 2012
I was sound asleep and woke up panting having a horrific dream of wildlife mostly gazelle and elk being caught in a fire! They were confused and asked me where to go. I saw a light to my right and pointed toward it. I said go there and find peace. They all turned as a herd. As they passed they said "thank you" I said "peace be to you" many times over. Then I woke up
I turned on the news that morning here is what I saw

A Crow's Call (rom February 2013)

I was reading the book A Feast For Crows when I thought out loud. I wonder if crows really can talk? 2 days later I heard "HIiii' It was long and drawn out like a large parrot would say it. The greeting came from a tree overhead in the neighbors yard. The next 2 weeks we had rain and I did not go out on the patio. When I did go out later that week I heard a resounding "You're Baaaaaack!" The crow recognised me and said hi and then you're back in English. Crows really do talk!

My friend on Facebook recommended this video from Wild Nature called A Murder of Crows. It details the study of facial recognition in crows and how they share information within their flock. I thoroughly enjoyed the video

Harold the Praying Mantis (from August 2012)

Meet Harold! This my new best friend Harold the Praying Mantis He has made his home on my patio rocking chair. 3 days ago I was coming in and removed my towel to find his little beady eyes smiling at me. I gently touched him to move him off the towel. He didn't bite :D Yesterday Hubby and I were having lunch when a tan head popped up at the dining table! Oh dear he must have come in on my towel the day before. He graciously accepted Hubby's hand to get a lift back outside. Once outside he recognised his chair and hopped back on it. I took this picture of him today. There are lots of moths and gnats for him to eat on our patio. Hi Harold I love you ♥