Friday, March 22, 2013

And then there were two..

I was grumping to myself just a little bit about how my dog Toby prefers my husband to me...not like my cat Mrs Gato. We hung out together. Then it hit me. Mrs Gato was with only me at the last years of her life. For the first years she was with my boyfriend Scott. When I would come to visit Mrs Gato would get jealous and climb up in his lap, turn on her belly and make goo goo eyes at him. She would lick his wrists and chin and demand to have his full attention even when I was trying to give Scott a hug. Then 10 years later I adopted her. It was just me and Mrs Gato. We read together and played together. So now with Toby it isn't just me. It is me plus one! And then there were two. Toby is dividing his attention between the two of us. I understand now.

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