Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Pray For Warm Fuzzies

For the past 2 years I have been searching the online classifieds for a fuzzy, a small dog, to pet, walk, feed, and talk to. This has been met with heartache. I know that my lifestyle could not handle the upkeep of a dog right now. But I keep looking because they are so cute.
Last Wednesday I could almost feel the soft fur of a dog in my hands in my imagination. My husband and I went for a bite to eat. "Where do you want to park?" he asked. I said "right in front of the PetSmart so I can watch the fuzzies go in and out!" He said "oh well I get nervous when you start looking at fuzzies" And we parked somewhere else. After lunch we went shopping at Joann's fabric store where he found the perfect iron and had a 50% off coupon to go with it. When he brought it to the counter we found out the coupon did not include irons. He left with a heavy heart having something he really wanted taken away from him. As we were walking out of the store I spotted a man and his dog sitting at the door. She was beautiful chocolate brown Cocker Spaniel named Daisy. I had a Cocker when I was in high school so this was really special for me. Although she was extremely nervous, she did let me pet her. I caressed her ears and soothed my finger down her back. She relaxed under my touch and even hopped on my leg for more. I had to go catch up to my husband who had loped back to the truck and was loading items in it. I thanked the nice man for letting me pet her and then I thanked God for that special small gift of touching a warm fuzzy. Daisy looked just like the one in this photo taken randomly from the internet. I thought she could have been named Snickers since I had a Snickers bar in my pocked and she looked just like it and was so sweet.

The gift did not stop there. This Sunday my husband found a pair of nightstands for 15$ That was a steal. We took a leisurely drive through the hills to get there. God showed me that I must come too because there was going to be a white fuzzy there! We arrived at the address and knocked on the door. Sure enough a young college couple and their white dog met us at the door. She was a beauty! She was an English Spaniel; white with brown flecks and green eyes She was amazingly calm. She never barked and never jumped. I leaned down to stroke her behind the ears. Her owner said she named her Susse which is German for sugar. She was definitely a sweetheart. I cooed and petted the lovely lady Spaniel while my husband loaded our chosen pieces of furniture into the truck. Then I sighed. Another warm fuzzy. Thank you much. Sussse looked just like this one taken randomly from the internet.

The final gift will come on Saturday. My step mom invited my husband and I out to celebrate my birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant; the Famous Enterprise Fish Co. I have been going there for my birthday since I was 10years old and found that I love Alaskan King crab more than any food in this world. Well I missed a few birthdays to that particular restaurant while I was living in Hawaii. But my friends always treated me generously by taking me out to dinners over there.
Back to my story. On visiting my step mom; I will also see her lovable dog Benson who is a purebred black Cocker Spaniel!
God is really giving me the warm fuzzies!
December 12, 2010
And here is Benson looking his finest!