Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sheena Cat's Wisdom

I was going to sleep thinking about what a blessing you are as a friend and stepmom. I am putting all my hope into meeting again soon in the new year. The lovely birthday card came yesterday. I am going to deposite the cheque today. I was thinking about where the money would go when I saw Sheena! She said she felt me thinking about you so she had to come see what it was. I told her you gave me some money to buy something nice. She said get a new red leather collar! I said I couldn't because my neck had scars and it would hurt but I would certainly think about getting something pretty. Then I asked Sheena what she does if she were to see a cat with a torn ear and a scar running from her eye down her nose. Sheena said I would lick her gently and see if she was still standing." Still standing is the key! She added that she would check the tail too. Because if the tail was gone or torn it meant that the cat did not have strength energy or bravery to face the fear head one. We always face a challenge head on. If the thing we fear sneaks up on us then we are done except if it is a kitten. If a kitten looses its tail that is not all together bad. I asked when a kitten becomes a cat? Sheena said When it no longer sees everything as food. When it can see fear and face it. I thanked Sheena for her wisdom. I promised I would get something pretty and try to stand on my feet and face my fears with my scars forward!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shirley Bird Teaches Me About Being Comfortable With Who You Are

Shirley Bird teaches me about being comfortable with who you are.
Ever since I got Shirley Bird I have called myself her "nylon mommy" because I like to wear nylon jackets and pants to keep the moisture in. It took her about 2 weeks to learn how to "ice skate" on my jackets.
One day I saw her snuggling in Joe's cotton t-shirt to get her wings dry after a splash in her dish. I thought well next time I will take off my nylon jacket and let her snuggle on my sweatshirt. So I did. I took off my nylon jacket and laid it on the chair beside me in the dining room. After her splash she hopped on my arm and then my neck and then down to snuggle on my pants. Hmm that is strange. I thought she would like the cotton sweatshirt. She hopped up my leg and pointed her little beak toward the jacket laying besides me. Then she snuggled down in my nylon pants again. The next time she took a bath I kept my jacket on. She snuggled down into my elbow. She loves her nylon mommy
Shirley Bird taught me that animals like us for exactly who we are! We don't have to change for them or anyone.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Zack A Boo

This Zack
I emailed his person and here is his story.
Bless your hearts.   Your pom looks so sweet.   I understand your Las since my babygirl passed almost a year ago andi was so devastated.   I had her buried in my back yard so she would still be home. 
His name is Zack.  He does always look so sad,  but he loves attention and is really a sweet dog.   I feel bad for him that my other dogs run him over since they are so hyper.
He loves car rides,  being walked,  belly rubs, etc. 
He has no health concerns other than a genetic under bite,  his sister has one too.  His eyes need to get wiped periodically because he gets muck build up.  No big deal.
He weighs about 7 pounds.
He loves any attention,  men,  women,  children,  dogs,  cats. He'll lay down with you to take a nap.  
I feed all my dogs beneful (better breath flavor).  They don't gorge on food,  it's available to them all day and they pick at it whenever they want to eat.
I'm sending 2 pics that I just took of him.   He has two nicknames that he answers to as well,  one is butthurt because he's so sad looking all the time.   The other is Boo, just because I like it for him.   He's so happy when he goes on walks,  his tail is always up.  He loves to mark his spots during his journey.  I will include his harness too.   He has never been a dog that fetches,  but he will play with small toys (cat toys are a good size for his small mouth).   He will growl if he feels that someone is going to take his treat away (I would too).
I make my dogs their doggie treats and they love them.   I make dehydrated liver, and liver and carrot bites.  He's very patient and will wait his turn. 
He's not afraid of thunder or fireworks. 
Every morning he's the first one to greet me when I come out of my room.   He'd be perfectly fine sleeping in your room too. 
At dog parks he tends to migrate towards the large breed dogs for some reason.  
If you're interested, I could bring him to your home for an introduction to see how he does.
Thanks for your interest.  I hope this information helps.
I made the connection that Zack looks like a dog version of The Grumpy Cat
Now I got sick September 14 and will be having surgery for more skin cancer removal on October 7 and let Barbara know. I also shared the Grumpy Cat relation. This is her response.

Yes, I'm very familiar with Grumpy Cat.  Zack is very much like that.  He can't help his face.  I hope you are feeling better soon. 

I'm sure we'll still have him by the time you're ready and healed.  I'm more than happy to bring him for a meet & greet when it's convenient.

Let me know when it's the right time, and we'll work out the details.

Take care,
Then because of the "can't help his face" comment I suddenly remembered all the times kids would point and say "look at his face! " at me! They couldn't get passed my red face to see the happy me. I think Zack and I will have a good story to tell that you can't judge someone by how they look.


Shirley Bird has fun!

Since I had been sick with the flu yesterday and did not let the birds out.
Today I let them out. Shirley Bird flew into the office and lighted on my arm. Then she flew right back into the dining room Ah she wants a bath I remembered. So she got her bath in her special plate while I looked on and got wet too. Then she hopped to my jacket to get warm. Shirley Bird bounces around a lot. So she bounced down to my lap and stayed there looking up at me so sweetly with her beak in the air and her feathers all puffed out. Suddenly I had the urge to pass gas. I told Shirley Bird "Oh you are not going to like this" Gas passed. Shirley looked up at me. Then she backed up and landed a poo right on my knee. "Alright we're even." I said. Then she settled back down on my lap until I felt it was time for her to go back in her cage.

Joe's Dog Trouble His Auststralian Shepard

Seeing Trouble Joe's Australian Shepard
I had a dream that I saw a medium size dog happily licking out an empty ice cream container. The dog's tongue went around and around the insides. I saw pink and white ice cream. The dog got so happy that it almost wore it on its head!Then I asked in my dream. Are you Trouble? She said "yes but now I am Susan. I was happy to have that! (ice cream) That was my favorite!"
I must have been halfway awake. Because then the dream turned into a vision and I could clearly see her. The right ear was black and her muzzle was white with spots of grey and black but mostly white. And definitely the right ear black. Then she walked over to Joe's side of the bed. She stopped when she saw Toby laying down in the middle of the floor next to Joe. She nudged him with her nose. I had a feeling of being dominant. Toby rolled over and backed up to the nightstand and onto Joe's shorts. Trouble asked "who are you?"Toby said "I was Snoopy Now I am Toby. I take care of Joe. " I had to interrupt and ask, How do you take care of Joe? Toby said "just being with someone is taking care of them"
Trouble lay down in the middle of the floor near Joe with a huff and a sigh.
The two dogs lay nose to nose. I said goodnight. And drifted off back to sleep.