Sunday, September 14, 2014

Joe's Dog Trouble His Auststralian Shepard

Seeing Trouble Joe's Australian Shepard
I had a dream that I saw a medium size dog happily licking out an empty ice cream container. The dog's tongue went around and around the insides. I saw pink and white ice cream. The dog got so happy that it almost wore it on its head!Then I asked in my dream. Are you Trouble? She said "yes but now I am Susan. I was happy to have that! (ice cream) That was my favorite!"
I must have been halfway awake. Because then the dream turned into a vision and I could clearly see her. The right ear was black and her muzzle was white with spots of grey and black but mostly white. And definitely the right ear black. Then she walked over to Joe's side of the bed. She stopped when she saw Toby laying down in the middle of the floor next to Joe. She nudged him with her nose. I had a feeling of being dominant. Toby rolled over and backed up to the nightstand and onto Joe's shorts. Trouble asked "who are you?"Toby said "I was Snoopy Now I am Toby. I take care of Joe. " I had to interrupt and ask, How do you take care of Joe? Toby said "just being with someone is taking care of them"
Trouble lay down in the middle of the floor near Joe with a huff and a sigh.
The two dogs lay nose to nose. I said goodnight. And drifted off back to sleep.

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