Sunday, September 14, 2014

Zack A Boo

This Zack
I emailed his person and here is his story.
Bless your hearts.   Your pom looks so sweet.   I understand your Las since my babygirl passed almost a year ago andi was so devastated.   I had her buried in my back yard so she would still be home. 
His name is Zack.  He does always look so sad,  but he loves attention and is really a sweet dog.   I feel bad for him that my other dogs run him over since they are so hyper.
He loves car rides,  being walked,  belly rubs, etc. 
He has no health concerns other than a genetic under bite,  his sister has one too.  His eyes need to get wiped periodically because he gets muck build up.  No big deal.
He weighs about 7 pounds.
He loves any attention,  men,  women,  children,  dogs,  cats. He'll lay down with you to take a nap.  
I feed all my dogs beneful (better breath flavor).  They don't gorge on food,  it's available to them all day and they pick at it whenever they want to eat.
I'm sending 2 pics that I just took of him.   He has two nicknames that he answers to as well,  one is butthurt because he's so sad looking all the time.   The other is Boo, just because I like it for him.   He's so happy when he goes on walks,  his tail is always up.  He loves to mark his spots during his journey.  I will include his harness too.   He has never been a dog that fetches,  but he will play with small toys (cat toys are a good size for his small mouth).   He will growl if he feels that someone is going to take his treat away (I would too).
I make my dogs their doggie treats and they love them.   I make dehydrated liver, and liver and carrot bites.  He's very patient and will wait his turn. 
He's not afraid of thunder or fireworks. 
Every morning he's the first one to greet me when I come out of my room.   He'd be perfectly fine sleeping in your room too. 
At dog parks he tends to migrate towards the large breed dogs for some reason.  
If you're interested, I could bring him to your home for an introduction to see how he does.
Thanks for your interest.  I hope this information helps.
I made the connection that Zack looks like a dog version of The Grumpy Cat
Now I got sick September 14 and will be having surgery for more skin cancer removal on October 7 and let Barbara know. I also shared the Grumpy Cat relation. This is her response.

Yes, I'm very familiar with Grumpy Cat.  Zack is very much like that.  He can't help his face.  I hope you are feeling better soon. 

I'm sure we'll still have him by the time you're ready and healed.  I'm more than happy to bring him for a meet & greet when it's convenient.

Let me know when it's the right time, and we'll work out the details.

Take care,
Then because of the "can't help his face" comment I suddenly remembered all the times kids would point and say "look at his face! " at me! They couldn't get passed my red face to see the happy me. I think Zack and I will have a good story to tell that you can't judge someone by how they look.


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