Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Animal Communications

September 10 2014
Fly Friend 3rd visit
He was out on the screen last night!
I got up at 2am to go to the bathroom. I saw a fly shaped speck on the screen in our bedroom. I slowly raised my finger to the screen and touched his little body. He didn't move. I said Hi Fly Friend what are doing on the screen? " He said "I just wanted to be close to you" Oh my a fly that is in love with me! Even to come and sit on the window in the moonlight waiting for his little princess human. I also asked how he knew I was in the bedroom. He said "I could smell you and feel your warmth" Awe
And all this has taught me that animal companions are surrounding me! I don't have to look for a feathered finned or furry. They will come to me in love when I need them or they need me.

September 10 2014
Lizard Friend
While getting dressed in the morning, I always look for our resident lizards in the woodpile out back. I couldn't see any. So I asked. "could one of you please move around a bit? I can't see you as well as Joe can" As soon as I thought that, a baby lizard skittered out in front of the window! He was only about 3inches long. Just as quickly as he came out. he ran back to his sunny spot on a paver by the AC. "oh thank you " I said. Then I turned around and he was gone. I asked what happened. He said "mom called me I wasn't supposed to be seen" I replied "Oh of course lizards and people have different rules and you should listen to you mom. Bye and thanks for saying hi" 
P.S. he came up on the patio while I was sitting in the office! Joe spotted him.

September 10 2014
Shirley Bird
Mnn Teriyaki burgers
And Shirley Bird joined us!
Joe offered her a pinch of bread. She said uh uh...and hopped over to the hand that held the whole burger! She tore off a piece of lettuce and wiped the mayonaise on his arm.
Then I got her water plate out. WE ALL GOT A SHOWER at the dining table! Shirley had so much fun splashing water on both of us.Then she nestled in my elbow. Cloud called her back over to his cage. She went in.
what a fun lunch

September 7 2014
Fly Friend second visit
Fly Friend visited me again!
This time I was sitting outside eating ice cream and reading on my Kindle. Fly Friend walked around the rim of the Kindle just like he did when he was inside the house and then onto my hand and never went near my face
I went in and came back out with a plate of nachos and cheese. Fly Friend came back, He landed on my hand again. I said he could have some off my plate. He sampled it and said "that's too much" and landed on my thumb always the one on the Kindle. He did take tiny licks off my thumb then he was gone.
I have to let you all know that when I brought a burrito out in the garage I was swarmed with flies!
Not only is Fly Friend polite. He is keeping the other flies away from me in the backyard 

September 2 2014
I met the most POLITE FLY friend today!
He came in with Joe this morning and landed on my bed blankets. I imediatelly set up a boundary thinking in my head "do not come near my face or you will get killed!" That said I let him fly and waited. I was reading my Kindle and drinking coffee. He aproached cautiously. Then he landed on the Kindle. He walked around the rim of the reader for over half an hour! I read 2 chapters and sipped my coffee. I asked him with my thoughts "why aren't you outside with the others?" The Fly Friend told my thoughts "Because I don't fly straight and they don't like me And I don't like to eat dog poop! YUCK! I want proper food! Real food" Ok I said in my thoughts "there is a new wrapper of a granola bar in the garbage if you want that" He said "I don't like garbage left overs either"..I said suite yourself and continued reading. He kept hopping from my covers to the Kindle and walking around. Finally it was time for my shower. "Ok i'm done with my coffee" I thought and no sooner had the thought left my head when Fly Friend landed on the rim and began licking up the crumbs and liquid. I laughed so hard that he was SO patient and waited for me to finish! I warned him that coffee is a stimulant and might make him hyper. I told him in my thoughts. I am going to set the cup down now." He stayed on the cup. I told him " I am going to take my shower and put clothes on and then I can let you back outside but you will have to follow the scent trail of the coffee to the office because that is the only door that opens to the outside." Then I left to go get my shower. When I returned I found Fly Friend standing on the rim of the waist basket looking for the granola bar wrapper. He saw me and landed on my shoes near my dresser. He asked "is this clothes?" Yep I said That is clothes. Follow me and I will let you out. He asked why humans changed colors / clothes so often. I didn't have a good answer. I told him he was the most Polite Fly Friend I have ever met! He said I was the most polite human he had ever met

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