Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shirley Bird Teaches Me About Being Comfortable With Who You Are

Shirley Bird teaches me about being comfortable with who you are.
Ever since I got Shirley Bird I have called myself her "nylon mommy" because I like to wear nylon jackets and pants to keep the moisture in. It took her about 2 weeks to learn how to "ice skate" on my jackets.
One day I saw her snuggling in Joe's cotton t-shirt to get her wings dry after a splash in her dish. I thought well next time I will take off my nylon jacket and let her snuggle on my sweatshirt. So I did. I took off my nylon jacket and laid it on the chair beside me in the dining room. After her splash she hopped on my arm and then my neck and then down to snuggle on my pants. Hmm that is strange. I thought she would like the cotton sweatshirt. She hopped up my leg and pointed her little beak toward the jacket laying besides me. Then she snuggled down in my nylon pants again. The next time she took a bath I kept my jacket on. She snuggled down into my elbow. She loves her nylon mommy
Shirley Bird taught me that animals like us for exactly who we are! We don't have to change for them or anyone.

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