Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sheena Cat Visits Me

I had to share this encounter with you that I had this morning :)
"Andrea Mur" I heard over my left shoulder as I was taking a shower. At first I thought it was Leesha my cat from WA but she is a little more giddy and childlike. "Andrea Mur" I heard again! Then I remembered Julie named Sheena that Sheena Mur because she always had a purr at the end of her sentences! "Oh Sheena Hi " I said
"You were thinking about my mom so I had to see why"
Yes indeed I have been thinking about you a lot because I am making something for your birthday And it has much Aloha in it.
I told Sheena that she could go see it on the sofa.
She asked "where's the other one?"
I thought...other one....she sent me a feeling of warmth almost like me only with a different perfume. "Oh Julie!" I said. "Oh she is not here. She is in a different house You can go visit her She has a family of her own and dog. But she might not recognize you because she is very busy and doesn't take time to see in the spirit like I do. "
Then Sheena showed me her new paws. They were white tipped like before but they had silver claws that were not too sharp like here on earth. They weren't meant to hurt or kill now They are just pretty. Then she said "I'm sorry if I hurt you. I know you had different sensitive skin but you were so much the same as the other one that I sometime forgot. "
I felt the warmth of Julie again We were like twins back then with the same feelings and spirit. So neat that Sheena felt that.
Then Sheena said "Oh you have a dog! My dog has floppy ears. And he is sometime backwards but I love him and he is here with me. Your dog has pointy ears like me! And he has a tail like me! And he is black with a little white like me! Oh your dog is smart too! I like your dog.
I told her that Toby can see in the spirit and he would love to have you as a friend. She said ok. and again " I like your dog" I told her that Judy your mom loves Toby too. She seemed to like that. The she just watched me get ready and slowly faded. But I think she is interested in being Toby's friend. And she really felt the strong Alohas that I had while making your gift :D
Love you Lots AK and Sheena Mur