Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today i am reading from the book Shapeshifting. It is quite deep and I have to stop or just skip over parts. There was an inspiration given to me that all the animals I have been communicating with do have a purpose even if I don't get to adopt them I saw myself on the bus in Hawaii where someone lifted my bags of groceries up the steps. Or when I was at the bus stop and someone started chatting with me and offered 50 cents to pay for my ride. It gave me a sigh of relief in the middle of my journey. When I am tuning into these animals they are getting a small sigh of relief in the midst of their journey.

The Poodle in the first picture is named April but I call her Golda because she has gold paws, a gold face and a golden heart and she looks like my grandma's friend Golda.

The Papillon mix is one I would have liked to adopt. Her name is Lucky but I call her Mary Jane

Blessings to the both of you