Sunday, September 14, 2014

Shirley Bird has fun!

Since I had been sick with the flu yesterday and did not let the birds out.
Today I let them out. Shirley Bird flew into the office and lighted on my arm. Then she flew right back into the dining room Ah she wants a bath I remembered. So she got her bath in her special plate while I looked on and got wet too. Then she hopped to my jacket to get warm. Shirley Bird bounces around a lot. So she bounced down to my lap and stayed there looking up at me so sweetly with her beak in the air and her feathers all puffed out. Suddenly I had the urge to pass gas. I told Shirley Bird "Oh you are not going to like this" Gas passed. Shirley looked up at me. Then she backed up and landed a poo right on my knee. "Alright we're even." I said. Then she settled back down on my lap until I felt it was time for her to go back in her cage.

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