Sunday, March 3, 2013

Harold the Praying Mantis (from August 2012)

Meet Harold! This my new best friend Harold the Praying Mantis He has made his home on my patio rocking chair. 3 days ago I was coming in and removed my towel to find his little beady eyes smiling at me. I gently touched him to move him off the towel. He didn't bite :D Yesterday Hubby and I were having lunch when a tan head popped up at the dining table! Oh dear he must have come in on my towel the day before. He graciously accepted Hubby's hand to get a lift back outside. Once outside he recognised his chair and hopped back on it. I took this picture of him today. There are lots of moths and gnats for him to eat on our patio. Hi Harold I love you ♥

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