Friday, March 22, 2013

Looking for me?

Tonight as I lay in the tub I was remembering the one time my baby parakeet Rocky came looking for me when I was bathing. I was in the tub and here comes his little yellow face around the door. It was so cute. So here I am wishing that Toby would want to do the same that he would come visit me while I was bathing. I had accidently left the door open a crack and it was giving me a chill. So I sat up to close it. Then I saw it. Toby had sneaked in to look in my trash and I saw his little flag of a tail waving as he made a silent exit. I was so happy that he had come in that I didn't even mind that his motive was to scrounge in the trash. He came in one more time. I sat up and made eye contact with him in a silent thanks.

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