Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Can Sing!

I've always loved to sing. I grew up with both parents who sing really well. Going to a private school we had choir and chapel with lots of singing. I remember sitting in the 4th grade class about 20 rows back with the teacher leading us in worship using a huge poster board book so everyone could see the words. Everyone sang because they had to. I sang because I wanted to. But it was difficult for me. My dry skin tugged at my cheeks and my chapped lips cracked when I made the O sound. In choir we were supposed to open our mouth to fit 3 fingers inside to form the perfect O. I couldn't even eat a whole banana let alone put 3 fingers in my mouth. But I sang! I sang when I walked. I sang when I was in the car. My most favorite place to sing was while swinging on the swing set, high above everyone touching the sky close to Jesus. One day while I was in chapel I said a prayer "Lord, When you make me well, I want to be able to open my mouth and sing as loud and free as I can just for You!" 
Dear reader. He is doing just that. Jesus is healing me. Now I can sing as loud and free as I want without any pain.
America The Beautiful, How Great Thou Art, and The Lord's Prayer I can sing forever.
I want to indulge the reader and post one of the songs I learned in 4th grade from that big post board book. It is my parakeet, Bernard's, favorite. He always calms down right away when he hears it.
God Answers Prayer
Have you ever talked to God above
Tell Him that you need a friend to love
Pray in Jesus name believing that God answers prayer...

Have you told Him all your cares and woes
Every tiny little fear He knows
You can know He'll always hear
And He will answer prayer.

On a lofty mountain peak He's there
In a meadow by a stream He's there
Anywhere on earth you go He's there
He's been there from the start..

Find the answer in His Word it's true
You can know He'll always walk with you
By His faithfulness He'll change you too
God answers prayer

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