Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Heavenly Chaperon

I was young and restless and Christian and living in Hawaii. My grandmother had just been admitted to the hospital to recover from a stroke. And so I was alone in a new city, a new apartment, and no friends. The radio was my sole companion. Song after song reminded me to trust in Jesus. Soon I began requesting songs and building up a friendship with the late night DJ. I liked his voice and he liked mine; so we decided to call it a date.
My date arrived in a beat-up  car with a wart on his nose and a awkward way of getting in my "space" too quickly. Even with a short description of my rare skin condition, he looked shocked. After a another brief description of my condition along with a few jokes he began to see past the outward appearance, to smile with the real me.  I figured if he could overlook my skin condition, I could overlook his wart. And off we went to a free concert compliments of the radio station.
We both enjoyed the concert and the evening was young so my date asked if I would like a tour of the station. That sounded fun so I agreed. We got in the car and began driving up a winding hill. Now I know I was new to the area but this certainly did not seem like the way to a radio station. In fact we were headed up to Hawaii's lover's lane Tantolous Heights.  I breathed in deep and kept my eyes on the view which was spectacular with the city lights sparkling like diamonds scattered over black velvet. Then I looked back at my driver who had suddenly cut the engine. I swallowed as I was wondering what knife wielding pervert I had set myself up with. He leaned closer and his eyes grew dark. It didn't look good from my point of view. Then I looked at the back seat to avoid making any more eye contact with him. What I saw instead was a huge man with blond hair and blue eyes that sparked like lightening. crouched in the back with his hand on the roof. At over seven feet tall, his frame filled the back of the car. His eyes pierced the night with light. I breathed a sigh of relief and politely asked my date to take me home. He took me home but not until he had showed me love letters he was writing to a lady in the Philippines. Too much! I said goodbye and thanked God for providing me with a heavenly chaperon!

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