Friday, July 22, 2011

Communications With Mr Mountain July 21, 2011

Yesterday as we were driving home both Joe and I noticed how brown the mountains had become. I did a very bad thing. I called them "sh** brown" in my head.
The mountain heard me! At least it felt my thoughts. The mountain thought it was funny. I immediately apologised profusely, saying that he just looked like a big dirt ball not all nice and green anymore.
He said "ya...that's me!" Then he showed me a close up of all these holes and tunnels that little creatures lived in inside him.
"They like it here." he said " The rocks and my dirt provide a cool place for them when it gets too hot."
I apologised again for saying such a bad thing about. Mr Mountain showed me a picture of a little lizard. The lizard lifted his head and looked at me and said "you ugly!"
It was real funny first to see a talking lizard and then to have it say such an outrageous thing made me laugh. Mr Mountain laughed too
Then he said "and you what funnier is the people named the space between the mountains and not the mountains themselves" We were driving on Gypsum Canyon Rd
Later I was meditating on what Mr Mountain had taught me. I asked  ' What about when it rains? Do you like that?'
Mr Mountain answered "Trees grow and that is nice. But too much rain makes the little critters' homes melt and get muddy They don't like that"
I had a mountain that I loved in Hawaii called the Ko'olaus where the clouds hovered and sent down a drizzle every morning that moistened my skin.
Mr Mountain said "So you liked the mountain because it fulfilled a need?"
I had to think about that one.
Mr mountain spoke again. "You need friends instead of sitting here talking with an old mountain. Haven't had a coversation like this sice the old days with the other people"
I guessed this to mean the native American Indians who were here first.

On a note I will be making firends. I am going to a tea at my church tomorrow :)

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  1. Hi,
    SAuch interesting and thoughtful words, everything has a place and purpose! I have never seen a red raccoon (below) he is adorable!!
    Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments! My camera is a Canon Rebel xsi, I have been really happy with it!