Friday, July 22, 2011

Red Pada June 12, 2011

Last I had the sweetest vision of a Red raccoon. His face was bright orange with a mask of darker orange across his eyes. He put his face right up to mine and smiled. At first I the he was a fox but was too plump to be a fox. He plopped down still grinning and befan to wash rubbing his dainty claws together then smoothing down his fur in long even stokes similar to a cat.
I ask 'How are you?'
"HAPPY!" he replied
He combed his fur some. I offered him some water which he took politely. He looked at the straw odly so I removed. He drank tipping the bottle up. Then he tipped some on his fur and paws. He was very intent on keeping them clean. Some how I knew this red guy was a male.
I refrained from asking any questions until he was finished with his cleaning ritual. When he was groomed to his satisfaction, he leaned back on his full tail and smiled a wide, content grin.
This all happened in a vision before my eyes none of it tangible but all real
So I asked "why are you here?"
He said "a white bird" which I assumed to be Cloud my parakeet "told us about an unusual pink and white and fish and an unusual pink and white human. I wanted to see them for myself And now I am here and I am happy! I am unusual too!
'What is your name?' I asked
Then he did the most strange thing in reply. He dipped that big bush of a tail in the water and wrote carefully
Carlee is a girls name I thought out loud.
He said 'um..ok but this not in you language.
He finished by saying ' You are different I am different You are happy I am happy!
The next day I looked it up Carlee means "Free Man"
Red Pandas are native bears found in he Hemilayians. They eat bamboo and will also eat mince like cats.
It is so neat to be unique!
That is what the Red Panda taught me

I also l

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