Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Veterams' Dreams

September 7 2013
I was in a bunker with 5 tanks and manning the tanks were guys in full body casts! They had been patched up and sent back out under the protection of a 3 foot walled bunker with tanks
but that did not stop teh bombs
and when the bombs fell the guys freaked out and tried to break out of their casts Some even rebroke threir legs!

 and another one This one good
September 10 2013

Just had to tell you that I had another Veteran's dream! This man seemed to be 75-80 years old. He sat next to me and showed me what he did in a movie style dream. He was a lock smith in the navy! He showed a picture of him opening locks on a brig. Then I saw him making eyes at a lady that was dressed in a 60s pattern dress. He said he liked them to be intelligent. He last showed me a trick he played on an admiral There was a leather briefcase locked on a dingy, While the admiral was chatting with an officer this man unlocked the briefcase and hopped back on deck. he said Hoo that was good fun! They hired me just to open locks that's all It was great to get paid to open locks! Give me a piece of metal and I can open any lock! Oh and you are an intelligent lady. (then I woke up)


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