Saturday, September 7, 2013

Toby Gets His Bacon and Shares The Love

Toby LOVES bacon!
I asked hubby to go get us a 6$ burger from Carls Jr I wanted the other one because it has bacon for Toby but we had a coupon for this one. Guess what..there was a 1 inch piece of bacon hanging onto my burger! Just for Toby. God was thinking of Toby too 

Toby came in while I was sitting in the bathroom snuffling for anything on the floor. I reached down to scratch his chest and he stayed there. Normally I reach to pet him without offering food and he shakes his head and walks away. Well he did walk out the door but ...he came back and blinked up at me! I reached down and scratched his chest with one hand and smoothed his back with the other. This is the first time since I have had Toby that he has asked for pets

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