Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Anointed Objects

So I have been reading books on the anointing for 2 months now and feel it is time to super charge my prayer life. I thought about a wonderful moment that I had with Fr Andrew / Mr Stone in Hawaii. We were walking back to the bus after having a quiet time of prayer at The Sacred Heart Convent in Kalihi. Fr Andrew said wow I wish I could keep this up in my daily life. I told him how my rosary helps me keep from being distracted. I had in my pocket a 10 bead wooden rosary that I used to keep on track praying for friends and family on each one. He thought about it and said ya I will get one! I offered him mine. "Here Fr Andrew Just take mine" Something special happened when I passed it to him. It got real heavy! It was like handing him golden beads instead of a wooden beads. His hand even dropped 4 inches. He said "wow that is heavy with prayer" I just smiled. That was 1998.
Flash forward to now, 20013. I said to myself." I gotta find and use my pink rosary bracelet!" I got in the shower. Then I heard the Lord say..."Don't you get it....You ARE that object! Spending time in prayer with Jesus will give YOU that anointing!"
Oh wow that was good After 3 books on carrying the I get it :D

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