Saturday, October 19, 2013

Owl Spirit

The owl in my vision looked just like this one I just did a search for Owl Grey Beak and this is the one that she looked like! (note: I showed this picture to a friend who loves owls and studies them This is a Snowy Owl. The females and juveniles are mostly white the males have the stripes. So the one I saw was all white concluding that this was a female in my vision)
 I just wanted to share an owl experience I had with you. I have been seeing a lot about owls on the internet and talking with my sister. I believe this made me open to help one out. A white owl showed up in my inner vision while I was taking a bath today. She came up close and showed me her broken beak. She said "hello Andrea Spirit some one said I could trust you" I saw a picture of a red panda. Then she asked "do you think one of your kind could fix this. ?" I felt it hanging off my face like a hang nail. "she said It is hard for me to eat sometimes." I asked a dumb question Are you male or female she said " I don't know... I had babies...and she looked down at her feet where there were eggs and chicks. Ok back to your beak. So there are some good people and some not so good people. The bad people want to cut down your trees. The good people are looking up and are watching for your kind. Look for the people who are looking up! They may even have binoculars things up to their eyes to see better. I showed her a picture of a person looking though binoculars. Look for those people. I also said you have to be very humble and trust much. But I think our persons can fix your beak. Then she flew off
I was meditating on the honor of being called "Andrea Spirit" and how Owl girl knew I was available through Red Panda Ka-Lee. It was almost like backwards of what we have been taught that animals can be our spirit guide. Here Owl girl was asking me for advice not the other way around.  Then another revelation hit me. It is not so much one spirit higher than the other; although some have learned to listen and have practiced communicating longer. It is more of Helping Each Other! I saw a vision. There were all kinds of birds and critters in my backyard. They were all holding hands, feet and beaks and tails forming a circle in my yard. They were all looking up at God. They were helping each other get to God. So that is what this communicating is all about to help other get to the Safety and Loving Kindness of God .

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