Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Dream of The Virgin and The King

October 3rd had a weird dream that I was in a mean kings palace and the king was my dad. He was gluttonous and evil . I wanted to escape because he was going to marry me. So then a white unicorn showed up We flew down palace and I was holding his horn. It took so much energy for the unicorn to fly that he collapsed when we came outside on the lawn. He died. I grabbed his horn off his head and stabbed my king father with it! Then I woke up

October 10
I find the meaning behind the unicorn!
Dreaming of A Unicorn Meaning 

Short explanation
A mythical beast traditionally represented as having the legs of a buck, the body of a horse, the tail of a lion with a single spiral horn on its head; a symbol of virginity.

Complete definition
The unicorn is a legendary animal from European folklore that resembles a white horse with a large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead, and sometimes a goat’s beard and cloven hooves. First mentioned by the ancient Greeks, it became the most important imaginary animal of the Middle Ages and Renaissance when it was commonly described as an extremely wild woodland creature, a symbol of purity and grace, which could only be captured by a virgin. In the encyclopedias its horn was said to have the power to render poisoned water potable and to heal sickness. Until the 19th century, belief in unicorns was widespread among historians, alchemists, writers, poets, naturalists, physicians, and theologians.

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