Tuesday, May 6, 2014


 Last night I imagined holding Amber Sunshine's paw in my hand like she used to let me do. I told her I loved her.I enjoyed her free spirit but we had a quieter lifestyle and that she needed to go somewhere where she could run stomp dig and bark all she wanted! I prayed she would find a house with another to play with if she wanted and thanked her for the love and Sunshine she brought to my heart.
This morning I was reading a book called Cat Lovers Devotions. This story was about an old cant who found her freedom. She had been living with 2 toddlers and was hiding alot. Then when they left she started playing like a young kitten again climbing the drapes and running in circles. The devotion asked when have you felt held back What can open up freedom in your life. Just then Joe peeked around the corner to tell me that Cloud parakeet FLEW! He heard wings and walked in the kitchen to see Cloud hopping back in the cage!. Cloud has not flown for a year since he fell and got hung up on the drapes. Joe had tears in his eyes. Every day for a year we leave the cage open and Joe encourages Cloud to fly again. Hurray!
I watched the sparrows picking the seeds and bugs off the sandy backyard uninterrupted by a fuzzy dog. I think Cloud sensed their freedom and was celebrating with them!
So I am going to enjoy our backyard with all the wild and free critters.

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